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Hello! I'm François.

I'm a wood worker, designer living in Tromsø in Northern Norway. I've spent 15 years working as a project designer in various industry sectors in France. At the same time, I have always carried out creative handcrafted personal projects. In 2020, I traveled with my van in Europe. During my trip, I decided to realize my passion for woodworking in different furniture manufacturing and carpentry projects in Norway.

I use my different skills acquired in my path, with an environmentally responsible vision, from the idea to the creation.

Quality, creativity and passion are the core values of my work.

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Work on tiny houses is very stimulating and challenging. The limited size makes you to find smart solutions to save space everywhere you can, while remaining comfortable. It's also a good place for creating an ambience in adequation with the person who lives inside.



Here are some interior fittings, designed and manufactured. This includes interior fittings for restaurant bar, kitchens, entrance furnitures, wardrobes, bathrooms... The interest is to work hand in hand with the customers throughout the project in order to better identify their expectations.



In this project, we built a place made up of 3 cabins and a 10m diameter Lavvu tent (an Indigenous Sámi circular structure) in Seglvik - a magical remote place, without road connection, on the edge of Kvænangenfjord. Every year, in October, orcas and whales are coming in the fjord to feed. The intention was to create an authentic place for Valhalla Expedition, embedded in its Sámi and Viking cultural heritage, that can host culturally immersive experiences to guests who are coming to live their dream to dive with orcas and whales.



In order to move around comfortably, I fitted out my van when I returned to my place in Brittany for a few months. I wanted something cosy, which represents me and where I fell at home. I have already appreciated the few small trips on the Brittany coast and the trip back to Tromsø I have done with it.

During this journey, Anna and Bruno joined me at some point. I assisted them in their van fitout project. Another van, another atmosphere.



A staircase is an important element in a house, it must fit perfectly, without being too much imposing. This is why sometimes it's wise to integrate in it a furniture or storage in order to use the lost spaces.


When I was living in Toulouse in southern France, in 2017, I decided to give a new look to my motorcycle. More old school, more vintage, more "unique". I enjoyed feel free riding it on the Pyrenees's mountain roads. It's based on a Suzuki SV from 1999.


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+47 930 36 241

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